Therapy with Lindsay


I am committed to working daily to decolonize the practice of therapy and to educate myself outside of my own privileged scope.

  • It is my passion to provide an open and non-judgemental space to talk about those topics that are often “taboo.” I pride myself on ensuring safe and competent care to all clients that may cross my path.
  • I identify as sex positive, trans-affirming, and kink informed. I enjoy providing individual therapy for folks of all walks of life, but I truly love working with partnerships and couples of all forms. I am polyam/non-monogamy aware, competent, and experienced. I have received training in Levels 1 and 2 of the Gottman approach and actively work to adapt it to fit with queer and non-traditional coupleship models.
  • I am a trained and practicing EMDR clinician. I can provide this framework online in a number of ways. I love seeing the way that healing from trauma allows my clients to flourish.
  • I am aligned with the Healthy At Every Size approach and use it to inform all care dealing with our relationships with our bodies.
  • I do not provide ‘religious’ therapy. I do help my clients through the complicated stages of deconstruction of their own religious experiences.
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        Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Indianapolis
        Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling (Neurocounseling), Bradley University
        Gottman Couples Method Levels I & II Training
        EMDR Training Levels I & II, EMDR Consulting


        Indy Counseling Professionals
        American Counseling Association
        Healthy at Every Size

        Embody Healing


        I enjoy both the art and the science of counseling. I use psychoeducation alongside talk therapy to empower my clients to truly understand and connect with themselves.

        My therapeutic approaches are drawn from training and specialized study in areas including:

        Trauma Informed Care
        Gottman Levels I&II
        Multicultural Counseling
        Gender and Sexuality Competency
        Non-traditional Relationship Models

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        Individual Therapy

        Life is about constantly evolving to become the best version of ourselves. Having an open space with a listening ear can open up new areas of insight as you journey along your path. Individual therapy is truly personalized to meet you where you are. Your potential is yours to create!

        Relationship Counseling

        Partnership can take many different forms, each of them as valid as the next. All connections take emotional effort that starts with communication. Counseling is a wonderful place to build the basic tenets of healthy dynamics.



        Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is at the top of the list of evidence-based approaches to trauma.  Regardless of the form trauma takes in your life, freedom is attainable.  Using bilateral stimulation (movement from left to right), and relaxation practices, trauma can be processed within the safe environment of our session.



        I enjoy sharing my passion for this work with anyone who might listen! So far, this has manifested through presenting, participating in panels, consulting with other professionals, or assisting in trainings.